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Play as Tiny Snek making your way around a soup bowl eating all the Goodies, like Cheese and Tomatoes, and avoiding all the Yuckies, like Flies or Tires. But don't touch your tail or the walls or your meal will come to an end!

UCF Pre-Ludum Dare Game Jam Spring 2017
Theme: Surprise!

Gabby Michaels - Programmer/Sound Tech
Tyler Quillen - Tech Lead
Melissa Scharf - Art Lead

Thank you :-)

Special thanks to
Yasiman Ahsani and Kevin Sweet for voice acting.

Mike Koenig from SoundBible.com for Bite Sound
Pookatori and Friends" by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
RobinHood76 from FreeSound.com for MagicFairyWand.wav
Joe Lamb from SoundBible.com for Sad Trombone Noise


Souprise! Game.zip 18 MB


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omg beauty. The souprise sound attacked me.

I love the little toast the most.